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Dusting off this blog…

With the steadily reducing reach and balkanization of social media, I’ve decided to dust off this blog so that I can use it for technical and business content. This is the first of a number of administrative posts to test new categories, theme elements, and so forth.

Verizon acquires Sensity – media

Here’s a convenient collection of links to coverage of the acquisition of Sensity by Verizon: Verizon Sensity TechCrunch Fortune Magazine VentureBeat Motley Fool TheStreet MobileWorldLive CRN ComputerWorld ZDnet Silicon Valley Business Journal TechRepublic SeekingAlpha This is as of 7:11PM PDT on September 12, 2016. I’ll add new links as necessary.

The case for an OpenStack Public Cloud WG

When OpenStack was launched five years ago, public and private clouds were equally important. The first two users were NASA and Rackspace, representing the private and public use cases, and AWS API compatibility was an important feature. People were starting to (mis)use the H word, referring to “hybrid clouds” when they really meant “hybrid applications”, […]

Two essential talks from the Vancouver OpenStack Summit

If you care about the evolution of OpenStack, there are two talks from the Vancouver Summit which you need to watch. First, Randy Bias’s State of the Stack: Then Openstack Is Doomed And It Is Your Fault by @termie (Andy Smith): This is not about what’s right or wrong (although both Randy and Andy get […]