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My vBrownBag talk on Cloud Service Federation

While I was at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver last week, I did a vBrownBag talk on the project we’re launching to federate OpenStack services.

OpenStack Podcast

I was interviewed by Niki and Jeff on the OpenStack Podcast this morning. I had a blast.

Hybrid is the new normal

This morning I took part in a panel discussion on the subject “Cable’s cloud forecast: More apps and infrastructure“. It was held at the annual cable industry engineering forum, the SCTE Expo, in Denver, which meant that the audience was very heterogeneous. (Far more so than most software conferences.) The moderator, Comcast CTO Tony Werner, […]

What I’m doing at Cisco: unpacking CCS

Last December I joined Cisco, and over the last nine months I’ve frequently been asked what my role is here. I didn’t say much about it, mostly because I was still figuring things out. However at this point everything looks pretty stable, and I’m pretty happy about nailing my colors to the mast. In one […]