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Dusting off this blog…

With the steadily reducing reach and balkanization of social media, I’ve decided to dust off this blog so that I can use it for technical and business content. This is the first of a number of administrative posts to test new categories, theme elements, and so forth.

“Ubiquitous standard” vs. “open source”

Last week I wrote the following on FaceBook: I need to write a blog post about open source: specifically about those people who respond to any criticism of a project by saying, “The community is open to all – if you want to influence the project, start contributing, write code.” Because, seriously, if you want […]

Cloud API panel, May 2012

Back in May I took part in a panel on Cloud APIs as part of the Open Cloud Conference. I just came across the video of the event. If you wonder why I’m sometimes referred to as “opionated” or a “contrarian”, this will help to clarify things!

First thoughts about vCloud

With VMworld taking place this week, there’s been a lot of talk about VMware‘s success in getting various companies to announce VMware-based cloud offerings. So I thought it was time to take another look at the vCloud API, which VMware has submitted to DMTF for consideration as a standard. My assessment: nice clean use of […]