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“Ubiquitous standard” vs. “open source”

Last week I wrote the following on FaceBook: I need to write a blog post about open source: specifically about those people who respond to any criticism of a project by saying, “The community is open to all – if you want to influence the project, start contributing, write code.” Because, seriously, if you want […]

Cloud API panel, May 2012

Back in May I took part in a panel on Cloud APIs as part of the Open Cloud Conference. I just came across the video of the event. If you wonder why I’m sometimes referred to as “opionated” or a “contrarian”, this will help to clarify things!

First thoughts about vCloud

With VMworld taking place this week, there’s been a lot of talk about VMware‘s success in getting various companies to announce VMware-based cloud offerings. So I thought it was time to take another look at the vCloud API, which VMware has submitted to DMTF for consideration as a standard. My assessment: nice clean use of […]

The US government defines "cloud computing"

I’ve always thought that there were one or two areas where the US government ought to use its procurement clout to set basic standards. After fighting with a new web site that has its own ideas of what a legal password should look like, I long for a “password FIPS“. (Actually, there is such a […]