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Cloud M&A: Irrational exuberance vs. analysis

So Eucalyptus is to be swallowed up by HP, in what remains one of the most ambiguous deals in the fashion industry of cloud computing. As I tweeted in response to several contradictory assessments: @geoffarnold: @hui_kenneth @brianmccallion That’s why the studied ambiguity in the HP presser was so interesting. Should generate many tweets…. Probably the […]

Whither OpenStack: A footnote on scale

My blog yesterday Whither OpenStack was already too long, but I wish I’d included some of the points from this outstanding piece by Bernard Golden on AWS vs. CSPs: Hardware Infrastructure. You should read the whole thing, but the key message is this: Amazon, however, appears to hold the view that it is not operating […]

Whither OpenStack?

tl;dr OpenStack’s sweet spots seem to be SaaS providers and carriers. Public deployments will struggle; private clouds are difficult and may be ephemeral. Context It’s two weeks after the OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong and one week after the AWS re:Invent event in Las Vegas, and social media is full of passionate debate about the […]

Thought for the day

[This post first appeared at] The tl;dr version: Arguably all interesting advances in computer science and software engineering occur when a resource that was previously scarce or expensive becomes cheap and plentiful. The longer version: This particular thought was provoked by a series of exchanges on blogs and in Twitter yesterday. It started with […]