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Dusting off this blog…

With the steadily reducing reach and balkanization of social media, I’ve decided to dust off this blog so that I can use it for technical and business content. This is the first of a number of administrative posts to test new categories, theme elements, and so forth.


I’ve always been a huge user of Google Reader. I follow hundreds of feeds, in areas as diverse as cloud computing, Formula 1 racing, politics, philosophy, literature, atheism, genetics and behavioral economics. Obviously I’m going to be looking for a new back-end service to support the variety of clients that I use, but in the […]

Oops – better reactivate this blog!

My colleagues at Yahoo! linked to this blog in a recent announcement about a forthcoming Meetup. However much of my recent social networking around cloud computing has switched to Twitter, which means that I haven’t updated the site for a while. Never mind: it’s about time that I restarted blogging. So this is a placeholder, […]