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Two essential talks from the Vancouver OpenStack Summit

If you care about the evolution of OpenStack, there are two talks from the Vancouver Summit which you need to watch. First, Randy Bias’s State of the Stack: Then Openstack Is Doomed And It Is Your Fault by @termie (Andy Smith): This is not about what’s right or wrong (although both Randy and Andy get […]

Hybrid is the new normal

This morning I took part in a panel discussion on the subject “Cable’s cloud forecast: More apps and infrastructure“. It was held at the annual cable industry engineering forum, the SCTE Expo, in Denver, which meant that the audience was very heterogeneous. (Far more so than most software conferences.) The moderator, Comcast CTO Tony Werner, […]

Preparing for Hong Kong

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon here in Silicon Valley. It’s been a good weekend for sports: Manchester United won (finally!), Sebastian Vettel claimed his fourth F1 Driver’s Championship, and the Patriots came from behind to thrash Miami. And then there’s the Red Sox; oh well, three out of four isn’t bad. But all of those […]

More on interoperability and Open Stack

There have been a number of useful discussions on interoperability issues here at the OpenStack Summit, including a panel discussion on Tuesday afternoon. It is, of course, a complicated question, with various dimensions: what do we mean by interoperability; how do we assess (or even quantify) it; who does it apply to; what are reasonable […]

Cloud API panel, May 2012

Back in May I took part in a panel on Cloud APIs as part of the Open Cloud Conference. I just came across the video of the event. If you wonder why I’m sometimes referred to as “opionated” or a “contrarian”, this will help to clarify things!

CloudSlam Day 5

The fifth and final day of Cloud Slam ’09 has dawned, and it’s time to liveblog. 7:00am First up is Simon Crosby of Citrix, asking the question “IaaS – is it enterprise ready?” From what we’ve heard so far, the answer depends on exactly what the “enterprise” customer wants to do with it, but that’s […]

CloudSlam Day 4

It’s the fourth day of Cloud Slam ’09, and once again I’m going to be liveblogging about the presentations I’m attending. This morning’s first session is starting a little later than yesterday: it’s coming up on 7am Pacific, so I’ve been able to pop across the street to Starbucks to procure caffeine in my preferred […]

CloudSlam Day 3

Day 3 of Cloud Slam ’09. As before, I’m going to be liveblogging the events of the day. 5:00am Pacific (yes, it’s still dark outside) The first session of the day is entitled “The Dollars and Sense of Cloud Computing” by Mark De Simone. He’s from a Dutch company, Cordys, which calls its product “The […]

CloudSlam Day 2

I’m ready to liveblog the second day’s events at CloudSlam’09. The first session starts at 8am Eastern, so here I am, dutifully logged in to WebEx and plugged in to the conference call, at 4:59am Pacific. And I haven’t even had any coffee….. The first session is by William Fellows of the 451 Group, entitled […]

CloudSlam Day 1

7:48am PDT Ivan Casanova on cloud techniques for the corporate data center: keeps talking about “control”. Aargh. The “control” mantra was what caused mainframes to be outflanked by departmental minis, and departmental minis to be subverted by workgroup PC clusters. It’s all about the applications: an app owner is going to optimize locally, not globally. […]