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Cloud API panel, May 2012

Back in May I took part in a panel on Cloud APIs as part of the Open Cloud Conference. I just came across the video of the event. If you wonder why I’m sometimes referred to as “opionated” or a “contrarian”, this will help to clarify things!

CloudSlam Day 5

The fifth and final day of Cloud Slam ’09 has dawned, and it’s time to liveblog. 7:00am First up is Simon Crosby of Citrix, asking the question “IaaS – is it enterprise ready?” From what we’ve heard so far, the answer depends on exactly what the “enterprise” customer wants to do with it, but that’s […]

CloudSlam Day 4

It’s the fourth day of Cloud Slam ’09, and once again I’m going to be liveblogging about the presentations I’m attending. This morning’s first session is starting a little later than yesterday: it’s coming up on 7am Pacific, so I’ve been able to pop across the street to Starbucks to procure caffeine in my preferred […]

CloudSlam Day 3

Day 3 of Cloud Slam ’09. As before, I’m going to be liveblogging the events of the day. 5:00am Pacific (yes, it’s still dark outside) The first session of the day is entitled “The Dollars and Sense of Cloud Computing” by Mark De Simone. He’s from a Dutch company, Cordys, which calls its product “The […]