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What I’m doing at Cisco: unpacking CCS

Last December I joined Cisco, and over the last nine months I’ve frequently been asked what my role is here. I didn’t say much about it, mostly because I was still figuring things out. However at this point everything looks pretty stable, and I’m pretty happy about nailing my colors to the mast. In one […]

Whither OpenStack?

tl;dr OpenStack’s sweet spots seem to be SaaS providers and carriers. Public deployments will struggle; private clouds are difficult and may be ephemeral. Context It’s two weeks after the OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong and one week after the AWS re:Invent event in Las Vegas, and social media is full of passionate debate about the […]

Preparing for Hong Kong

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon here in Silicon Valley. It’s been a good weekend for sports: Manchester United won (finally!), Sebastian Vettel claimed his fourth F1 Driver’s Championship, and the Patriots came from behind to thrash Miami. And then there’s the Red Sox; oh well, three out of four isn’t bad. But all of those […]

One more exchange on the AWS API question.

Robert Scoble of Rackspace just waded into the OpenStack API issue in response to Randy and others. I tried to post a comment, but it looks as if comments were shut down while I was in the middle of typing it. [UPDATE@9:49AM PDT: Looks like comments are working again.] So I’m reposting it here. Read […]

“To ask the question is to answer it”… or is it?

Sam Dean wonders if OpenStack could benefit from a hegemon: one company picking through all of the competing technologies – storage, hypervisor, scheduler, network virtualization – and establishing an unambiguous standard. Red Hat was reasonably successful in doing this for Linux, although Canonical and Debian are still the devops’ favorites. And it would certainly be […]

OpenStack and AWS APIs: Getting to the core of the matter

First, go and read Randy Bias’s open letter to the community: OpenStack’s Future Depends on Embracing Amazon. Now. I strongly agree with him that without full AWS API compatibility (not just syntax, but deep semantics), OpenStack will be unable to deliver on the hybrid future which most of us expect. (Gartner gets this right.) But […]

A funny thing happened on the way to the cloud….

Three years ago this cloud stuff was easy. We all knew what Infrastructure-as-a-Service was: it was what Amazon offered, and what NIST had codified. Self-service on-demand pay-as-you-go pooled resources, delivering customer agility, low cost, and operational efficiency. Anyone saying anything different was probably a desperate vendor trying to “cloud-wash” an old technology. And so a […]

More on interoperability and Open Stack

There have been a number of useful discussions on interoperability issues here at the OpenStack Summit, including a panel discussion on Tuesday afternoon. It is, of course, a complicated question, with various dimensions: what do we mean by interoperability; how do we assess (or even quantify) it; who does it apply to; what are reasonable […]

OpenStack, service contracts, and interoperability

We’re going into the second day of the OpenStack Summit here in Portland, and for me the most important item on the agenda is the last session of the day: a panel on interoperability. Several leading members of the OpenStack community have expressed their concerns about the risk of divergence between different OpenStack-based services. Josh […]

Exactly what “Concept” are you trying to “Prove”?

A bunch of us* had an interesting discussion on Twitter yesterday evening on the topic of customer readiness for cloud computing. It was kicked off by Aneel asking Why does anyone think it’s ok to extrapolate from their one-old-laptop-lab to any kind of real deployment of anything? to which I replied Indeed. Why are cloud […]