I’ve always been a huge user of Google Reader. I follow hundreds of feeds, in areas as diverse as cloud computing, Formula 1 racing, politics, philosophy, literature, atheism, genetics and behavioral economics. Obviously I’m going to be looking for a new back-end service to support the variety of clients that I use, but in the meantime I decided to transfer my RSS feeds related to cloud computing into the Blogroll for this blog.

It was a fairly tedious process, because I took the time to visit every blog. I wanted to make sure that it was really useful (subscribing is sometimes too easy), and that it was active – it had been updated at least once in 2013. I was disappointed to see how many blogs that I really enjoyed had fallen by the wayside (I’m looking at you, @ruv and @bradcasemore!), but then I’m hardly one to speak!

Anyway, you can see the result on the right. It’s a long list, and I decided to tag my top 10. If I were to lose all RSS feeds, I’d still be checking these ones by hand every day.

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