I’ve been in the computer business since 1968, when I went to the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority to spend a year before going to university. After undergraduate and postgrad stints at Essex and Newcastle, I worked on distributed systems and databases in the UK. In 1981 I moved to the Boston area, and four years later I joined Sun Microsystems. After twenty years with Sun, I moved to Seattle with Amazon.com, and in 2009 I finally arrived in Silicon Valley, where I’ve worked on cloud computing architecture for Huawei Technologies, Yahoo! and Brocade. I also spent a year as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at US Venture Partners. During 2014-2015 I was the OpenStack architect in Cisco Cloud Services, working on the now-defunct Cisco Global Intercloud initiative. In 2015 I joined Sensity Systems as Chief Technology Officer. A year later Verizon acquired Sensity, and I moved to New Jersey to become CTO for the Verizon Smart Communities business unit. And in November 2018 I moved back to Silicon Valley to join a stealth startup.

Most of my technical work has involved programming languages, network protocol design, and distributed computing, especially computing at large scale. However I’m also interested in the issues of engineering culture, and how these affect distributed teams and software engineering methodologies. These days, I’m getting deeply involved in IoT services for cities, aggregated data stores for cross-functional analytics (“data lakes”), edge computing, and the connectivity and processing required for connected and autonomous vehicles.

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    Thank you for accepting my LI request. I have enjoyed your blog page and have learned a lot!

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